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So, somehow in over five years of LJing I've never compiled a list of my favorite fanfics. I tend to save stories to my hard drive (and now I upload them to my kindle) which might be why I haven't bothered to rec them here.

This is a WIP. Check back for updates!

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Title: Enchantment Passing Through Prologue
Rating: PG13
Setting: BtVS post series (very limited/no comic spoilers)
Word count: 1829
Characters: Willow, Tara, various Egyptian gods.

Larger cover | Alternative cover by [ profile] teragramm

Summary: Following the fragments of a dream, Willow seeks forgiveness from Osiris, worried that her transgressions against the god may have compromised Tara's place in the afterworld. Osiris is humored by her humility and her power, and offers her a chance to descend to the underworld to meet with Anubis, who will weight her soul against a single ostrich feather. Hearts heavier or lighter than the feather of Ma'at are rejected and eaten by Ammit, the Devourer of Souls. If at the end of Willow's journey her soul fails, her life will be forfeit, and her spirit will be scattered across eternity. If she is judged worthy, she has a chance of being reunited with Tara.

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For [ profile] farscape_land challnege 008: Love is in the Air.

This is terribly rushed, but I think the idea is visible.
487 words and one image for Team Module.
Rated PG.

Jirls with Guns – an Aeryn and Zoe beginning

Aeryn waited. Patiently. Well, as patiently as one got while on an unfamiliar and dusty planet, in a poorly ventilated bar tucked half a metra underground. She kicked back the warm dregs of her drink, stroked the comforting curve of her weapon, and enjoyed the flare of heat as the drink pooled in her gut.

She was waiting for a cargo ship and a captain who was trusted to connect her with the liberal activist group. She’d spent the better part of three moens quietly listening in bars and shipyards, and she’d dropped her name— not her actual name— into conversations about the unfairness of the reigning government in this sector. Two weekens ago, she’d been contacted.
And so she waited. She’d been given limited details: coordinates, a date and time, and two names. Malcolm Reynolds, Serenity. She’d stashed her prowler and a significant sum of money, with the owner of this dreary bar.

Time passed. Aeryn nodded and another drink slid into her hand, leaving twin trails of moisture on the dirty bar. She scanned the room, catching the gaze of a dark skinned woman. She’d noticed when this woman entered. She moved with the cautious grace of a soldier, her head and shoulders back, her arms loose, her fingertips brushing her weapon. Confidant and sure. Everything Aeryn used to be.

Aeryn stood, snagged a second bottle of fillip nectar and walked towards the woman. She slid into the booth, placing the bottle and both her hands on the table.

“Do you mind company?”

Chocolate curls brushed over the woman’s shoulders, her eyes dark and serious. “Not if you keep buying.”

Aeryn dipped her head in acknowledgment, “My name’s Sundance.”

The woman stifled a laugh, “That’s an awfully fancy name you’ve got. I’m Zoe.”

The women drank in silence for a moment before Aeryn gestured at Zoe. “What type of pistol is that? I’ve not seen that style before.”

Zoe smiled faintly and upholstered her weapon. She held it over the table, the weight balanced with ease. “She’s a Winchester 44-40.”

Aeryn noted the well worn grip and the gleam of conditioning oil. “You treat her well. She’s a manual, yes?”

“She shoots bullets. I don’t trust the kind that fire laser bolts. Seems unreliable.”

Aeryn smiled, “I could show you a few that might make you change your mind about that. I’ve an assault rifle that handles so delicately you could write your name with it.” She took a long drag from her drink. “If you can handle it.”

“Size doesn’t equal consistency.” Zoe tucked the gun back into her holster.

“Training does.”

Zoe arched an eyebrow, “Indeed.” Zoe’s wrist chirruped as her thick bracelet blinked in a rapid series. She exhaled quickly and finished her drink in a quick swallow. She stood, dropping a few coins on the worn table. “Care to go a few rounds with me?”

"I would like that very much."

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You guys! You have to go see what [ profile] shakensilence has written using my prompts! It's better then I imagine it could be!

Title: Fractured Mirror
Author: [ profile] shakensilence
Fandom: BtVS
Beta: Jon
Rating: NC-17
Score: 4 to be safe
Characters/Pairing: Dark!Willow/Vamp!Willow
Summary: Halfrek grants Xander a wish in the episode “Two to Go.”
A/N: These are just a couple deleted scenes... in theory they could fit right into the episode without changing anything.
Warnings: dub-con, bloodplay, breath play, character death
Prompts: threading a needle, broken glass, bootlaces, "every me in every you", candle wax, spanking, pain/pleasure. I fit in what I could.

Click to read

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Title: Forever May Not Be Long Enough (For Our Love)
Rating: PG
Word count: 198
Characters/pairings: Willow/Other, Willow/Tara
Setting/spoilers: Post series, canon character death mentioned
Archived here and at A03
Prompt: From [ profile] shakensilence BtVS - it is always one more time... but we thrive on that over at The Fandom Love (mini) Fic-A-Thon

She wakes with wet cheeks and sheets tangled around her hips, an ache in her chest burning low with the embers of her fading dream. She rises and uses the bathroom, rinses her hands and runs them over her face. Blearily she looks at her image, her naked body a pale shadow in the dark room, her bed and her still sleeping lover tucked deeper inside the reflection. She turns the water off and climbs back into bed.

She worries she won't sleep, broken bits of her dream crackle behind her eyes like a dying fire. She rolls onto her side, curling into the body she's shared many nights with, familiar curves soothing...

She wakes later, the sun shining, her lover silencing the alarm with a grumble. The dream is gone and Willow hides her tears in her pillow, damning the memories that left her with the feel of Tara's kisses against her lips and the melody of Tara's voice in her ears; the composure and acceptance she had learned as time went by fleeing, leaving her heart broken and bared to the dawn. The cruelest part was that she wouldn't stop the dreams, even if she could.
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Title: Posivi Memoriola (Found Memory)
Rating: PG
Word count: 1,117
Setting: Post PKW
Notes: [info]lyricalviolet had a look at it, but I'm posting this one mostly solo.
Disclaimer: Henson and Co.

Author's note: Lets say D'Argo was about 8 cycles old when this happened. Written for  Starburst Challenge 16

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Enchantment is defined as: influence by or as if by charms; bewitch; to attract and move deeply; to rouse; to ecstatic admiration. My theme, Enchantment Passing Through takes a look at a few different scenes from BtVS that display an element of enchantment. But this is a Whedon show and any such charms are only fleeting.

4 picspams, 2 fanmixes, 35 icons and one fic )
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Title: Feather Moon
Rating: PG13
Characters/parings: Willow/Tara
Setting: Season six, varied times (blue shirt warning applies)

Authors note: I heard a line in my mind and I followed it. 235 words, freeform.

Willow has a nightmare )
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Title: Hurricane
Wordcount: 360 words
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Buffy/Angel
Setting: Graduation Day Part II
Prompt(s): [ profile] whedonland prompt: create something for a favourite scene
Disclaimer: Not mine

Read it HERE at AO3

Claim over at [ profile] drabble365days
Title: Sunburn
Rating: PG
Drabbles completed so far: 1/100

Sometimes Dru likes to stay in the garden until the dawn slithers over the wall, spilling down the cobbled stairs and pools just before her bare feet. It feels warm and the burn itches deliciously, shivers racing up her legs, goose-flesh pebbling her skin, her head tossed back in pleasure, dark hair sweeping across her bare body. She giggles, her voice small. She’s playing with fire, like a kitten chasing after a bumblebee, unaware of its sting. But Dru enjoys the pain, the rush the daylight infuses her with. She lingers another moment, too long, and Spike has to rub cool creams on her sunburned skin the following midnight, the pink rash shining in the moonlight.
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I placed 4th in [ profile] whedonland's Last Author Standing challenge.

Title: Baptism
Rating: PG13 (for blood)
Character/s: Drusilla, Angelus
Setting: Pre-series
Prompt: Brand new, word limit of 199

“Deep, unspeakable suffering may well be called a baptism, a regeneration, the initiation into a new state.” - Ira Gershwin

Title: Kaleidoscope
Rating: PG
Character/s: Tara, Willow
Setting: Post Tough Love but before The Gift
Prompt: Shadow, must feature a female character, word limit of 300

The shadows mock her tears, crooked fingers jeering. The darkness creeps over her like insects, itching, pinching, biting.

There's a third fic, but I have some revisions to make before I post it publicly.
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For [ profile] agirlnamedtruth who wanted Buffy/Faith, workout
Title: Kiss With a Fist
Setting: Season three
Title and lyrics from Florence + The Machine
Posted at AO3 HERE and on the LJ PornBattle comment post HERE.

It wasn’t the first time their training ends with one of them naked on the training floor mats, sweat slicking their bodies, smudges of white hand chalk sticking to arms, calves, sides. )

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Fandom: Buffy
Characters/pairings: Willow/Tara implied, Willow, Buffy, Xander
Rating: PG13
Warnings/Triggers: none
Setting: Post Wrecked
Written for WhichWitch Willow ficathon at [ profile] whichwillow

Summary: The energy throbbed inside her, humming through bone and sinew, lightening bursts and her vision sparkled as magick crested across her brain, tripping neurons. How do you deal with addiction alone?

Read more... )
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Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Willow/Tara
Characters: Willow, Giles
Spoilers: Set the summer after season six, follows canon.
Warnings/Triggers: none

Summary: Willow knows she's loved when she wakes up to breakfast in bed everyday.

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Title: Locomotion
Series: Buffy
Setting: Post Series
Characters: Buffy and Faith
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 378
For The Non Canon Fandom Tongue Wrestling Challenge at [ profile] whedonland
Winner of Hottest Kiss!

The first blow was simple. )

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Title: Words Falling
Setting: Season Four, We're So Screwed: Fetal Attraction
Characters: John and Aeryn
Rating: PG
Word Count: 334
Written for:[info]tenacious_err over at [ profile] whedonland who wanted angst and fluff combined, but either alone is fine. Character studies are good too. Crossovers are also awesome, but I'm very open to the category of fic.
Prompts: There are some things you can't forget, Love is never enough, Dancing with bullets, Lessons learned, The little things, Change is inevitable, Different types of burdens carried, or if you can come up with something better that's okay too. :)

Author's Note: I was inspired by all your prompts, so there wasn't really just one. I hope you enjoy it.

Her eyes were still cloudy with disbelieving. )
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Title: Rising
Setting BTVS, Mid Season Five
Characters: Willow/Tara
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,229
Written for [ profile] babydykecate over at [ profile] whedonland who wanted romance, angst, h/c, fluff, femslash and/or friendship
Prompts: nerd, muscle memory, what remains, thin line between love and hate, the writing on the wall, Faith Hope & Trick, "I should tell you that you were my first love" (lyrics from The Hat - Ingrid Michaelson), Dawn has two mommies, Willow/Tara from Dawn's eyes.

Author's Note: I ran with the 'what remains' idea and it went somewhere I didn't expect. Hope you like it hun.

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” )
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Title: Happy We'll Be Beyond the Sea
For: The 5th Annual Terra Firma Beach Bash: Kill Us With Cuteness Challenge
Loosely inspired by this image.
Rating: PG
Timeline: A year or so after PKW. D'Argo isn't talking yet.

We'll meet beyond the shore
We'll kiss just as before
Happy we'll be beyond the sea
-Keane, The Iron Sea

It was almost like John remembered. )
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Season Four, no spoilers of any value. W/T. Written for [ profile] whedonland's no points happy contest .

Everything about her was tiny.

Tiny ears. "Like little Doritos! Nom nom nom!" said Willow.

Tiny paws. "All the better to be sneaky with." Tara noted.

Tiny body. Perfect for snuggling with two new mommies, they both agreed.

She was so small that they decided she needed a very long name to balance her.

And so she was christened Miss Kitty Fantastico as the witches floated feathers around the room for her to pounce after.


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