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Title: Happy We'll Be Beyond the Sea
For: The 5th Annual Terra Firma Beach Bash: Kill Us With Cuteness Challenge
Loosely inspired by this image.
Rating: PG
Timeline: A year or so after PKW. D'Argo isn't talking yet.

We'll meet beyond the shore
We'll kiss just as before
Happy we'll be beyond the sea
-Keane, The Iron Sea

It was almost like John remembered. )
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The Full List

I'm honored. Thank you. 

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Shameless rec' ing post, I'm not fishing for nominations. I'd honestly forgotten to cross post these here. 

Responses to the "I Love You" mirco fic challenge at Terra Firma. 

"Earth Food" challenge

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My response to the "Reunions" challenge at TF.  

Back in the Blue- rated G, set during Kansas
Untitled- rated G, set during Promises

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Written for the "I've got a bad feeling about this" challenge at TF

The Gift )
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For the Weekly Microfic challenge at Terra Firma

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Title: Mad World
Setting: Terra Firma, pre-ep
Rating: PG-13 for language
Beta: [ profile] lyricalviolet
Word count: 6166
Summary: Pre-episode filler, J/A shippy angst. 


Raindrops coursed in miniature rivers down the window pane, each drop holding a distorted reflection of the world before succumbing to gravity, collecting in a growing pool on the ledge. Florida locals had been surprised to wake up and see the normally clear skies clouded over with thick gray pillows bursting at the seams with moisture. The humidity had rocketed as the first drops fell, but lessened when the rain persisted and fell hard and steady, drumming on rooftops, tapping on windows. Occasionally a thunderclap sounded, followed by lightning. Palm branches hissed as they brushed together in the wind, the sound nearly drown out by waves pounding the shore outside the mansion, completing nature's symphony.



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