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Name: Stephanie
LJ: [ profile] ladycallie
Email: ladycallistar @
MSN/AIM/YIM: ladycallistar (I'm on yahoo more)
Timezone: US central

Series you RP: None yet, but looking for Farscape
Characters you RP: None yet, looking at primarily John and Aeryn, but I'm willing to write anyone from the show.
Characters you’re looking to interact with: Any?

Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing: For years I was under the impression that RP was for mass groups and that wasn't something that interested me. Now I'm friends with a gal that has a single RP partner and she's found endless joy writing with her. And now I'm jealous. So hello, I'm [ profile] ladycallie and I'm a John/Aeryn shipper. I like hurt/comfort in ungodly ways, and porn is yummy. I've been writing fics since I knew how to type.

Since I'm new to RP, what I think I'm looking for is someone to simply play with. Like I said above, I'm a h/c junkie and I'd love to play around with someone. I favor Aeryn more as a character that I like to hurt, but in the past I've written more from John's POV. I'm comfortable with either of them.

This doesn't have to be all whumping either. I'm really rather open to anything. I love to write and I've got plenty of time, I'd just like to have a buddy to inspire me. I've had a few master!plots in my mind but no one to help me develop them. My other fandoms are: Buffy/Angel, New Doctor Who/Torchwood, Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice, The Tudors, Queer as Folk, The L Word, Law and Order: SVU, Dark Angel and a few assorted others.

Do you smut?: God yes!

Is there anything else you would like to add?: I'm only looking to RP Farscape and really only wanting to write John and Aeryn. The other fandoms listed are simply to see if we have more in common then just Farscape. Thanks.


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