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Downton Abbey

Roman a Clef (Five Scenes Left Out of Edith's First Novel) by [ profile] thewindwarns - Edith, PG.
Summary: Five scenes left out of Edith's first novel. (Inspired by the fanon portrayal of Edith as an aspiring writer.) Spoilers for all of S2.

Bound by [ profile] mrstater - Mary Crawley/Richard Carlisle, PG13
Summary: "I promised you I'd tell you where I go, who I see, and what I say to them, didn't I?" Mary is bound to Richard, but he's not the only man she's helpless to escape.

The Second Daughter by [ profile] gilpin25 - Edith, PG
Summary: The war has transformed Edith Crawley in more ways than one. But how will she spread those shaky new wings?

Indestructible, chapter one, by [ profile] silvestria - Matthew, PG.
Summary: It is two months since the events of episode 8 when the reappearance of a forgotten talisman in Matthew's sock drawer sets off a chain reaction which might be enough to break a cycle of destructive behaviour. Eventual catharsis.

The Abode of Madness by [ profile] ofskyempires - Edith and the soldiers at Downton, PG13.
Summary: War is not a time span. It is a lifetime. Its ghosts will walk the streets for many years to come.

I tell my love to wreck it allby [ profile] dollsome - Matthew, Mary, & Lavinia, PG.
Summary: season two finale AU. It always seems to come down to surviving the night, and Lavinia does, against all odds.

The Shadow Between by catching bananas - Matthew/Mary, R.
Summary: Matthew’s suffering from PTSD. He wakes up in the middle of the night and he needs Mary — now.

A Quotation from All of Her Ancestors by acaramelmacchiato - Gen, FRT.
Summary: A Downton Abbey ghost story, because it was necessary. As Mary begins to make up her opinion of Matthew Crawley, the house is suddenly filled with warning.

a Heaven more like the Earth by rumpleghost (softlyforgotten) - Gen, G.
Summary: Downton Abbey's fall into superstition leaves the Countess in a state of great dismay.

For a Bit of Colored Ribbon by Maidenjedi - Gen, Teen.
Summary: Some of the ways war comes to Downton.

The Three Sisters by paranoidangel - Mary, Edith, Sybil, G.
Summary: Once upon a time there were three sisters and they loved each other very much.

They Are All Dead Hearts to You by ViaLethe - Gen, G.
Summary: Everyone's got their own ghosts to deal with, one way or another.


still falls the rain by fallingtowers - John/Aeryn, A Human Reaction, R
Summary: A PWP from the infamous missing scene in episode 1.16, A Human Reaction. Originally written for the Porn Battle VIII in June 2009, in response to the prompt, "Farscape, Aeryn/John, rain". Utterly gorgeous imagery.

Pressed to Earth by secret santa - John, the Moyans, G.
Summary: AU from SAL/SIW.

Bedshaped by secret santa - Aeryn, Scorpious, S4 backstory, R.
Summary: Aeryn's mission against the Lukythians.

Stereophonic by Thea - John/Aeryn, NC17.
Summary: Three is a complicated number (season three spoilers).

A new device is being tested by Makiko - John/Aeryn, Other, R.
Summary: "And I support you in your trusting / and I commend you in your wisdom / and I'm amazed by your surrender in the face of adversarial forces that I represent." -- AM, "Surrendering"

Reflections in a Stolen 'I' by Fialka - Aeryn, John/Aeryn, PG.
Summary: The one where Aeryn comes back. Again. "Reflections" was written in a desperate burst of inspiration after BHTB, and posted before Prayer. It was not intended as a rewriting of the end of Season 4, but offered as one possibility, based on what we'd seen till then.

Little Acorns by Feldman - John/Aeryn, ensemble, NC17.
Summary: "Take all your problems and rip 'em apart." Goes AU before the end scene of "Bad Timing".

One Red Thread by sarahjane - spoilers, PG13.
Summary: It’s almost easy now; almost a pleasure to watch it burn.

A Human in Need by sabaceanbabe - John, Aeryn, G.
Summary: "John! Get to the hangar, immediately!" D'Argo's voice over the comms was urgent and brought John to his feet, his heart in his throat.

Fool's Gold at the End of Gravity's Rainbow (The Tarnish Transmutation) by stars - John, Aeryn, G.
Summary: As much as she is able, within her realm of control, she refuses to play her assigned role of alien on display. Of course, she is the alien on display, so when They poke her with a stick, she growls and shows her claws.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Things They Never Talk About by Stayawhile - Giles, Willow, Season Two, FRT.
Summary: The ideal Watcher is celibate, ascetic, obsessed with duty. He can wear that mask, but while he will cheerfully lie to everyone else, he tries, at least, to be honest with himself.

if i remember thee not by fallingtowers - Willow, G
Summary: Five Jewish holidays that Willow Rosenberg does or does not celebrate.

the very model of by fallingtowers - Buffy, Faith, G
Summary: A post-canon reunion of two Slayers.

The Beauty of the Stars by Quinara - Buffy and Illyria, G
Summary: What can you trust when your instincts are gone? Bodyswap prose.

hush-a-bye baby (the blackberry remix) by fallingtowers - Dawn, Drusilla, FRT.
Summary: At night, the dark-haired girl without a name glowed at her through eddies of green light.

Title The Night Before by Brutti ma buoni - Giles/OMC, not very explicit (Teen).
Summary: Prompt For the Drunken Giles-athon: Pre Series. A dead demon, a mild concussion, and a... love-bite? Giles' first night in Sunnydale is memorable for a number of reasons. He just wishes he knew what they were...

White Satin Pumps by Nora Charles - Willow, Anya, S6, FRT.
Summary: Willow finds an unexpected surprise while dress shopping with Anya.

Other Pervert by Elana B - Xander, R.
Summary: Xander thinks about stuff.

Pinocchio by Alex Wert - Willow, Buffybot, G.
Summary: She's gone, but it's almost like she's still with us.

Ships that pass into type and the sequel Some ships shouldn't sail
By Honor H - BtVS/AtS gen cast, FRT.
Summary: The cast finds fanfic. Discussion and hilarity happens.

Fractured Mirror By [ profile] shakensilence - Dark!Willow/Vamp!Willow, NC17.
Summary: Halfrek grants Xander a wish in the episode “Two to Go.”
Warnings: dub-con, bloodplay, breath play, character death
***Written from a prompt of mine! Highly recommended!

Becoming Fear, Itself by [ profile] snogged - Willow, Vamp!Willow, Xander, Jesse, Darla, R.
Summary: Set pre-“The Wish.” How Willow became a vampire and the Master ascended.

Flowers on the Razor Wire by Alee - Buffy/Angel, R/NC17
Summary: Angel comforts Buffy after she's attacked.
Warnings: rape

Forfeit by [ profile] swan_secrets - Buffy/Faith, NC17.
Summary: A piece originally written for kink bingo 2011 for 'blades, caning, enemas, gags' prompt.
Author's note: For me this is what Kink Bingo is all about, pushing some boundaries, writing in areas I've never been before.

Now and Then by [ profile] valyssia - Buffy, PG13.
Summary/author's notes: This is set in my Steps-verse where Buffy and Willow are involved; however the primary purpose of this story is to show how Buffy is coping.

That There Is Not Me by [ profile] beer_good_foamy - Willow/Faith, PG13.
Summary: Two reforming murderers go shopping for supplies to selflessly save the world. Keeping the masquerade up works fine until Willow stumbles across an outfit from her past.

Nightmares are real by [ profile] consumedly - Xander/Faith, NC17
Summary: Xander deals with being the victim of Faith's attempted rape/murder in Consequences. Gender reversal, boy as a rape-victim and girl as the rapist - Faith finds herself alone with Xander in Giles' office and finishes the job, raping him in silence with his friends right outside researching.

Akathisia: Son of Grace by DreamsofSpike - Tara/Spike, NC17.
Summary: AU beginning during the months between Seasons 5 and 6. Tara is just your typical college student at UC Sunnydale. Or at least, she’s trying hard to be…until a series of strange dreams of a mysterious, suffering stranger begin to haunt her nights. When this stranger unexpectedly crosses her path, he will draw her down a road she never expected, toward a love and a future she never thought she’d find.
Warnings: sexuality, violence, non-con, torture, angst, dark themes

Biding Time by [ profile] aliceinwondrbra - Faith/Tara, PG13.
Summary: Season 7 AU. This little plot bunny came to me and demanded writing. "Turning her head, she looks at Tara for the first time, really looks at her, in a way she doesn’t bother to do with most people."

Owen Who by [ profile] valyssia - Owen, FRT.
Summary: A minor character fades into obscurity.

Crossed Wires by [ profile] valyssia - Buffy, Willow, Xander, FRT.
Summary: Questions can be dangerous.

Blood in the Gardens by [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni , - Darla/Drusilla, R.
Summary: Paris, 1871: the fall of the Commune.

Twenty-Eight Days by hth - Tara/Willow, FRM.
Summary: This story is about magic. It's about cycles, and settling in, and letting everything come easily for the first time ever, and wishes and homework and Willow and Tara and happy endings.

Witness by hth - Faith, set in the Dark Angel post Pulse Seattle, FRM.
Summary: She wonders what it's like, to come that late to love, and to get used to it before you lose it. Faith remembers being in love, when she was young and hot-blooded. When she didn't define her whole life by being the oldest, the big sister, the one who – watches? Is that what she is now – Watcher?

The Fortune-Teller by hth - Tara, Kaylee, River (Firefly crossover), FRT.
Summary: At dinner Tara hardly eats a thing; Kaylee didn't guess a reader would be so shy around strangers. Shouldn't it almost be like they ain't even strangers to her at all? ***Highly recommended***

Six Faith and Willow Vignettes, In Order by damaged justice - Willow/Faith, R.
Summary: Faith and Willow bonding in South America, post-"Chosen"

Tears of the Goddess by Lisa Countryman - Willow/Tara, R.
Summary: Tara and Willow take their commitment to a new level with unexpected results.

Omega Rising by [ profile] aliceinwondrbra - Faith/Buffy, R.
Summary: Faith's been in prison for four months when a large scale zombie outbreak occurs. It's the end of the world. Again. Set after a modified Season 4. ***Highly recommended***

Reflections by [ profile] scratchingpost1 - Willow, FRT.
Summary: While staying with the Coven, Willow is visited by three special people.

Secretly Courting by [ profile] warpedminded - Darla/Willow, PG13.
Summary: Before a stalking Spike, there was a stalking Darla, and she had her sights set on a little red-headed teen named Willow.

67 Characters in Search of a Memory by [ profile] beer_good_foamy - Buffy/Faith, PG13.
Summary: It's Dawn's prom. Yay! Unfortunately, it's also the return of the plot of "Homecoming", which means Buffy and Faith must once again save high schoolers from disaster... Or does it?

Vicarious, chapter one, by [ profile] valyssia - Buffy/Willow, NC17.
Summary: Buffy has the worst luck. All she does is step out to stretch her legs and badness ensues

Down Through The Morning by Kyra Cullinan - Tara/Oz, NC17.
Summary: What if Willow had been shot in Seeing Red instead?

Don't Be Kind by Fallowdoe - Willow, Spike, PG.
Summary: Why did he ask her to go through his things?
***Highly recommended***

Days of Grace by w.y.back - Willow/Tara, NC17.
Summary: Willow returns briefly to the place that was Sunnydale.
***Highly recommended, but unfinished***

Corpus Canonici by Jayne Leitch - Willow, Xander, PG.
Summary: Why was Willow so utterly convinced that Buffy was in hell?

Hope has wings, but Faith has a broadsword by [ profile] lettered - Genfic, PG13.
Summary: Wing!fic. Faith gets wings. Buffy doesn't believe in angels. Xander and Dawn make a bunch of really geeky references. The world failed Dana. Angel and Spike aren't there.
***Highly recommended***

Annunciation by nwhepcat - Willow, Faith, R.
Summary: Willow meets some Virgins and a Venus in a Florentine art museum. It's her tour guide that's the surprise.

Cunctari Moribundus by Lint - Willow, Xander, PG.
Summary: Willow struggles in the aftermath.

All The Same by [ profile] snowpuppies - Willow/First Slayer, R.
Summary: A tag to 4.22 - Restless.

The Fortune Teller by Hth - Tara, River (Firefly), PG.
Summary: At dinner Tara hardly eats a thing; Kaylee didn't guess a reader would be so shy around strangers. Shouldn't it almost be like they ain't even strangers to her at all?
***Highly recommended***

Little Teashop of Horrors by Bruttimabuoni - Giles, PG.
Summary: in which Giles meets the Coven, and learns there are worse things in life than herbal tea.

When Cerulean is Just Plain Blue by bruttimabuoni - Willow/Giles, R.
Summary: Giles and Willow start a relationship in England after the end of season six.

What Comes Next by bruttimabuoni - Willow, PG.
Summary: Academics, bad weather and books, but not magic or overwhelming angst.

Adapting to Change by [ profile] lusciousxander - Buffy, Xander, Dawn, PG13.
Summary: Buffy is dealing with the changes around her. This is told completely from Buffy's POV, set after Grave.
***Highly recommended***

Flying (The Let her Fly Remix) by [ profile] snogged - Willow/Buffy, FRT.
Summary: Sometimes, in her dreams, Willow sees Buffy fly.

Flying by verity - Buffy, Willow, gen.
Summary: Buffy dreams about sweaters and flight.

Like Mint and Honey by snowpuppies - Willow/River Tam, PG13.
Summary: "Dramatics aside, it really has been centuries since she's felt the stirrings of want in her loins..."

happy is a vast understatement (the all wrapped up remix) by [ profile] ladyofthelog - Faith/Willow, R.
Summary: Faith's had a lot of shitty Christmases.

Super-Duper Marvelously Fantastic Holidays by [ profile] snogged - Willow/Faith, NC17.
Summary: Willow/Faith and the prompt - red and green ribbon or gift wrapping.

Tiger, Tiger by snowpuppies - Drusilla/Jenny Calendar, Teen.
Summary: "The pixies—sneaky devils they be—tell another tale..."

Knowledge is a Gift by [ profile] angearia - Buffy, Willow, Gen.
Summary: Buffy and Willow are best friends forever, right?

Soft and Pink and Very Sad by Gabrielle - Mr. Gordo, gen.
Summary: *Set immediately after the events of The Gift* A little stuffed pig learns about grief.

Five things Tara forgot by gogollescent - Tara, Willow, Teen.
Summary: The summary is fairly explanatory, however this fic is much more then a simple 5 Things story.
***Highly recommended***

The Bone Yard by [ profile] mihosayuri - Buffy/Faith, NC17.
Summary: You know they're outside. You can hear them and you know that they can hear you, that they know what is taking place inside this room. But when she licks her lips, you could care less.

hell is empty by gogollescent - Buffy/Faith, Teen.
Summary: All the devils are here.

No Way Home by texasfan - Willow, Xander, Teen.
Summary: A little AU S7.

No Way Home (The Home is Where the Heart is remix) by cindergal - Xander, Willow, Teen.
Summary: Seeing, knowing, that was supposed to be his power. That’s what Dawn had said. But he hadn’t seen this coming.

How Do They Rise (All the Little Angels remix) by - Faith, Giles, Dawn, G.
Summary: It's the Glorious 20th of May, those who survived remember.

How Do They Rise Up by brutti_ma_buoni - Gen, G.
Summary: In the future there are two kinds of Slayers.

Lies to Children by Gulessable - Giles, Willow, PG.
Summary: It's not the fall that kills you.

Slave to the Rhythm by Meltha - Faith, Tara, G.
Summary: A ficlet in which Faith and Tara go dancing. The results are... well... oddly nostalgic?

Stupid Rich America by Morta - Willow, Anya, G.
Summary: On an evening in the midst of her magic addiction, Willow devours knowledge in a familiar place. Anya, of course, is borderline furious when she finds her reading rather than paying.

All things truly wicked by [ profile] possibly_thrice - Willow, Giles, PG13.
Summary: The road to redemption is a rocky path. But at least there's no one in the back singing Barry Manilow.
***Highly recommended***

Confessions on the Floor of a Not-Quite-Empty Apartment by ripper_repoman - Giles, Buffy, Xander Harris, PG13.
Summary: BtVS AU, set after “Bargaining”, Buffy's having nightmares.

Experimentation by stormwreath - Buffy, Willow, PG12.
Buffy and Willow have finally managed to make the time for a girls' night out, to catch up with all the conversations they missed out on during the Twilight debacle. One and a half bottles of wine later, they turn to discussing Buffy's brief relationship with Satsu. And then Willow has a confession to make...

Five Women Giles Loved (once) & Five Men Giles Loved by seconalto - Giles, various, G.
Summary: see title.

Stories From Our Childhood by eilowyn - Tara, Dawn, G.
Summary: That summer after The Gift.

How Not to Say No: The Passive Person's Guide to Flubbing the Spurning of Unwanted and Unexpected Sexual Advances by valyssia - Willow, Kennedy, Buffy, FRC.
Summary: See title.

Just around the Corner by Miya_Morana - Willow, G.
Summary: Something in the distorted reflection of the mirror catches Willow’s eye and she turns around as a strangely familiar figure disappears into the crowd.

For Blood and Breath by moonbrightnights - Brian, Justin, Teen.
Summary: He knows better than to go near him when Justin is like this.

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